Error Killer Review

What is the Registry?

If you are running Windows 95 or a later version on your computer, then uyour computer runs a registry so that it can keep all of the vital info it needs. The info stored in the registry applies to all users on the computer, but it also applies to the settings of the hardware, specific software, and certain programs. Because the registry holds all of this valuable information, any unwarranted change it in can cause many errors on your computer. If you want to fix the problem, you must fix it early before it spreads.

You registry can be corrupter for a variety of reasons. Two of the most often cases of registry corruption are caused by spyware and viruses, but there are often other reasons as well. Every time you delete or open a file, you are making a change to the registry.

Why use Error Killer?

Error Killer allows you to explore through your registry and find the problem in the registry easily. Now, you never have to worry about a corrupt registry, and you also don't have to worry about spyware being installed on your computer, which can also corrupt your registry. When you have a corrupt registry, you computer will start running very slowly. Then you know it is time to buy Error Killer.

When searching through the registry using Error Killer, look for paths entries that may have been corrupted. When you find these paths, you will have to fix them, because they may be the reason why certain programs won't open after you click on them. Error Killer will help you find every single path so you don't have to waster your time doing it manually.

There are things called Browser Helper Objects, which are usually spywares in disguise. It is hard to know which Browser Helper Objects are important and which ones aren't, so Error Killer will give you a list of all of the BHO's that aren't important on your registry, thus quickening your computer.

Does Error Killer really clean my registry?

Error Killer will backup your registry before you start the program, so in case you make a mistake and delete something that was vital to the registry, you can go back to the back up and try again. This time, don't delete the file.

If your computer is more than 2 years old, I suggest that you have your registry cleaned. After 2 years of programs running and internet browsing, you probably have contracted some spyware (not all of it can be detected manually) and your registry is probably loaded with fat. Slim down your registry and remove the spyware with Error Killer. Error Killer is the best registry cleaner on the market today!

That is my Error Killer review.